What Tails & Trails offers 

Group Walks 

Groups walks of 6 dogs per walk.

Each walk lasts approximately 1-1,5 hours.

Sniffing games are a big part of the walks.

Breaks to drink water and ensure resting time. 

Treats during walks 

Treats are used for positive reinforcement. 

The treats provided are selected from top quality brands. 

Locations in The Hague 

I provide dog-walking services in the following areas of the Hague: 

Statenkwatier (part of) 




Pick-up & Drop-Off 

Pick up & drop off will be provided.

Soon Tails & Trails will have a van for the pick up & drop off.

The van will be equipped with cages to ensure safety of the dogs.

A first aid kit will also be available in the van.

During warm months, cooling mats are provided.


  • Older than 12 months 
  • Has all the neccessary vaccinations
  • Female dogs: not in heat or have just been in heat 
  • Male dogs: castrated
  • Not afraid of being in a car 
  • Knows the basic commands ('stay' and 'come here') 
  • Are social and not aggressive towards humans or other dogs

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk.